Noah » A Man of Righteousness

Noah : A Man of Righteousness

There’s something about righteousness – the kind of morally virtuous lifestyle powered from above – that qualifies a person to lead God’s people. Noah, the man God chose to rescue the human race from extinction, demonstrated just this kind of righteousness.

Humankind had grown so evil thet God pledged to destroy it and all living things on earth (Gen. 6:7). But the Lord’s pronouncement of judgement didn’t come without hope; God had charged righteous Noah to help save a remnant.

God didn’t choose Noah randomly. He knows whom he can count on to get things done-and it’s not necessarilly the one with the, most skill, talent, or social standing. Rather, it’s the one who daily walks with Him, the one who hears His voice and follows His lead. Noah was just such a man.

No doubt Noah had his own weaknesses and frailties. But he walked with God, and it was that close walk that made him righteous before the Lord (Gen. 6:9). Noah’s righteousness qualified him tto be used by God to help save the human race from annihilation, and in the bargain kept him and his loved ones from certain death.

Noahstill stands as an example of the kind of person God want tu use. God hasn’t changed, and even now He looks for righteous leader who can help Him change the world

(Profile in Leadership – The Maxwell Leadership Bible)

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