Adam : first leader to drop the ball

Adam: First Leader To Drop The Ball

At the moment he recieved God’s mandate to rule over, Adam became the first spiritual leader in human history. Initially, this meant over seeing the garden and providing direction to his family. Adam was to be good steward over his resources and relationships. Unfortunately, he failed on both counts.

When Eve brought the forbidden fruit to Adam, he mismanaged God’s creation by eating it. Adam also mismanaged his wife by remaining passive when he should have taken a stand, thus allowing both Eve and himself to fall morally. When God confronted him with his sin, he blamed others (Gen. 3:12)

Spiritual leadership isn’t complex; It simply requires a willingness to take responsibility. Sadly, many spiritual leaders continue to duplicate Adam’s mistake by shirking their responsibilities at home, in the neighborhood, on the job, and in the church. They forget that while Adam’s failure started at home, in just a short time it damaged all his relationship, spoiled the beautifull place he lived, and ultimately devastated the entire world. And the whole mess can be traced back one spineless refusal to lead.

“The Maxwell Leadership Bible”

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